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Farrah Abraham trashes her Teen Mom costars in vulgar podcast

Farrah Abraham is on a roll lately, trashing her Teen Mom OG stars left and right.

“Shit’s gotten real on Teen Mom OG,” Abraham said in the podcast interview with Shane Dawson.

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Dawson encouraged Abraham’s trash talk, saying things even worse than Abraham. “I hate all those Teen Mom girls,” he divulged at one point.

Abraham even took it so far as to bite the hand that feeds her, aka MTV. She said she doesn’t understand why she’s the “risqué one” when MTV is showing people having sex on TV, despite MTV’s teen viewership.

After trash-talking MTV, Abraham moves on to her co-stars on the show.

“Everyone loves Weight Watchers,” Abraham said, throwing shade after she explained that she and co-star Amber Portwood are the smallest ladies on the show. “Just be careful.”

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Meanwhile, Dawson referred to her co-stars as “chickens,” sympathizing that Abraham actually had to spend time around them while filming the show.

Then Abraham took to targeting co-star Tyler Baltierra. Dawson repeatedly calls him a “wigger,” which is a slang term for a white person who’s trying to emulate African American culture in mannerisms and language.

Abraham and Dawson definitely have the attitude that Abraham is way better than the show.

“I love how people can act like they can make money and provide for their families when, really, I’ve made the way for them,” Abraham said.

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When the hosts (who are being just as harsh) call her out for being harsh, she pulls the honesty card. “Can’t we talk among friends?”

Yes, yes you can. But is all the shade-throwing really necessary? The interview is painful because it’s so mean and gossipy.

Listen to the whole podcast interview with Abraham over on Soundcloud. But be warned: it’s super vulgar and trash-talky.

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