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Gina Rodriguez makes flawless statement in People’s Most Beautiful (VIDEO)

Beauty is more than just skin deep, and these stars are proving it.

Some of Hollywood’s most beautiful ladies, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Rodriguez, Sophia Bush and Miranda Lambert wore no makeup for People‘s 2015 Most Beautiful issue.

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And they look gorgeous!

Better yet, the example they’re setting for girls around the world is beautiful because their confidence and natural radiance is inspiring.

The ladies didn’t just take their makeup off for the photo shoot. They also opened up about their lives, the beauty within and the best advice for keeping skin radiant and healthy.

“I actually love the natural glow of skin, my natural freckles and all the different colors that my skin naturally has,” Ross explained.

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“I think there’s a nice point of self-acceptance that you reach in life when you can say, ‘This is me,'” Bush shared.

Rodriguez added, “There’s something very liberating about showing who I am and feeling confident in that and feeling comfortable in that.”

“I didn’t know how I was going to feel being photographed without makeup,” Plaza admitted, “but I actually really like it. I like feeling like myself.”
“I find that coconut oil is such a great life hack for everything,” Bush said as a beauty insider tip on how she keeps her skin looking great.

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Freida Pinto added that she’s a big fan of making her own sugar scrubs at home. She also raved about the coconut oil.

For more celeb skin care tips, check out the video of advice from People‘s makeup-free beauties.

Does this video inspire you to go makeup-free for summer?

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