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5 Scandal theories based on Joshua Malina’s cryptic tweet about David Rosen

Please don’t let this mean Scandal is killing off another character.

Joshua Malina, who plays Attorney General David Rosen on Scandal, tweeted this cryptic message on Friday.

Of course, we all breathed a sigh of relief that Jake lived through that horrific stabbing ordeal. (I’m still in shock… and a bit skeptical over that particular bit of TV realism… But at least he made it.) Still, Scandal very rarely gives us time to breathe before jumping into the next crisis, and Malina might just be referring to the craziness around the corner.

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Here are our theories about what’s in store for David Rosen.

1. Shoot a gun

David’s always been a man of the law. Constitution over violence. But now that he’s on a mission against B613, it just might be time for him to learn some sniper skills. Plus, how hilarious would it be to watch Huck and Jake try to teach David to aim?

2. Sex scene kink

Sure, he and Abby had some romp sessions, but maybe David’s going to take it up to a Fifty Shades sort of level in a coming episode. We all know Abby likes it dirty — and we’ve been itching to see her reunite with David for a while now.

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3. Kill someone

Going along with No. 1, maybe David doesn’t just learn how to shoot, but he actually has to pull the trigger for a serious action sequence. It’s a wonder that David hasn’t taken to carrying some sort of weapon yet, given that he watched James get shot, along with many other horrible things. Now that Holly betrayed him, though, it might be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back.

4. Successfully bring down B613

Fingers crossed for this one all the way! Although I think Papa Pope is a pretty formidable enemy. Plus, Joe Morton, who plays Olivia’s dad, is such an amazing, fantastic, out-of-this-world scene-stealer of an actor. Scandal would be really doing itself a disservice to lose him on the show for good. So if David is going to officially take down B613 once and for all, I really hope that doesn’t mean he’s taking Rowan out, too.

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5. Die

This is the one we’re really hoping isn’t true. But it could be that Malina has never had to die on camera and, rather than take down B613, the organization takes him down instead.

What do you think Scandal has in store for David Rosen next?

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