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Girls: 11 Most relatable Season 4 moments (GIFs)

Season 4 of Girls was a long and bumpy ride, especially for Hannah. While we haven’t quit grad school, tried to land a record deal or watched a baby pop out of our BFF’s vagina, we can still relate to so many of the thoughts and feelings each of the girls had this season. Remember these?

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1. Hannah and her bike

Hannah bike

Girl! If you thought chaining up your bike outside of work in NYC is bad, imagine living in BFE. Sure, you finally learn how to ride a bike (mostly). But just when you’re convinced it’s safe to leave your sassy cruiser unchained, someone comes along and swipes it. Bastards.

2. Break-ups. Amiright?!


WhyTF does my ex insist on trying to be friends? Worse: Why, when we’re together, does he insist on doing that one thing I thought was special because he loved me… right up until he did it and then punched me in the shoulder like a bro. I am not your bro, broseph. And I cannot ever be your bro if you keep talking to me like I’m your girl.

3. Shopping with your own money


Preach, Ray. Preach! We’re lookin’ at you, Urban Outfitters.

4. Hannah lying about Mimi Rose’s show


Dumb name. Dumb “show.” Dumb, pretentious ideas about relationships. The more you hate something, though, the more you pretend to love it.

5. A new, cool friend

Girls GIF

We love having cool new friends, though it will always feel like we’re running to catch up and stay on their level. Hannah trying to be friends with a high school girl? On some levels, it made sense. On others, it was doomed from the start.

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6. When his romantic gesture is so un-romantic

Girls GIF

Oh. Well. Thanks? Let me just drop everything real in my life, fall at your feet and wait for you to actually be in love.

7. Dealing with a squirmer

Hannah GIF

My best friend is a total squirmer and super sensitive. So, obviously, I have to tell her my exact feelings on everything and describe every little weird thing my body does. You’re welcome, bestie!

8. Stalking the new girl

Hannah GIF

Shosh knew exactly what to do about Adam’s flaky new girlfriend… and we love her for it.

9. Totally feeling the only sane thing Mimi Rose said

Girls GIF


10. Loving that one guy you can’t have

Marnie GIF

We probably felt the worst for Marnie this season. She loved Desi so much, and she kept continually getting put on the back burner. Upon finally getting what she wanted, she realized it was absolute shit and definitely didn’t need or want it any more. Still, when she got real with him for the first time, we swelled with pride!

11. Dealing with the usual Hannah BS

Girls GIF

We love Hannah. Really. But girlfriend needs to spend a little more time in reality. No one seemed to deal with her more this year than her GBFF and we loved his expressions when she started getting a little too cray.

Love Girls Season 4 as much as we did? The whole shebang and is now available on digital HD so you can relive all of Hannah’s suburban and big-city adventures again. We promise the birthing scene won’t get any less gross the second time around, though.

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Images: HBO

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