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Robert Downey Jr. shares first picture of his blue-eyed baby (PHOTO)

Robert Downey Jr. has finally given us all what we’ve been waiting for: a glimpse of his baby daughter.

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The Iron Man star made an appearance on The Late Show on Thursday, where he opened up to host David Letterman about what it’s like having kids.

“I have three: a 21-year-old, Indio, a 3-year-old, Exton, and now Avri is a little over 5 months. I thought I’d show the first picture on planet Earth here with you, kind sir,” Downey Jr. explained — and boy, are we glad he did.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron actor shared an adorable picture of little Avri — who he shares with his wife, Susan — in her yellow bonnet, and she has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Robert Downey Jr shares first picture of baby daughter

Image: Robert Downey Jr./The Late Show

So, was Letterman as impressed with the pic as we were?

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“That’s sweet!” Letterman exclaimed.

“The yellow bonnet helps!” Downey joked. “You gotta love a yellow bonnet.”

Letterman then wanted to know if there was any sibling rivalry, but given the age of Downey Jr.’s three children, it was pretty unlikely at this stage.

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“No rivalry?” the host asked. To which Downey responded, “Not yet. It’s natural for Exton to want to bite her once in a while. It can start off as a little pet and then it turns into a nibble. I think it’s just establishing dominance. She’ll be running stuff at some point.”

To find out more about Downey. Jr’s family dynamics, watch the sweet video below.

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