Big Bang Theory: Leonard's triumphant speech brought new hope to nerds

Apr 24, 2015 at 9:11 a.m. ET
Image: CBS

We've always known that The Big Bang Theory just "got it" when it came to nerd culture and geekiness. But last night's episode held special meaning for many of us brainiac fans.

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It's no secret that nerds are picked on in school, nor is it something Big Bang Theory hasn't touched on a million times before. Yet, throughout the series, whenever the boys talk about their days of being bullied, it's done with a sense of patheticism. You get that they're doing better now: They have awesome jobs and enough money to go to Comic-Con and buy cool-ass toys. They even have, gasp, girlfriends. However, there's always been a sulkiness to their remembrances of high school that made it seem as if none of that mattered.

That is until last night.

When Leonard is asked to give the commencement speech at his former alma mater, each member of the band of nerds has a different take on how he should handle it. Each, of course, is geared toward that friend's individual personality. When Leonard's flight is canceled, though, he believes he'll no longer get to deliver any message. Luckily for him, Penny sets up a remote connection and Leonard is able to talk via Skype to the graduating class. And his speech is exactly the thing we've been waiting for.

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He starts out rather mundane. He does the usual business of hammering in how important it is to go to school and get an education. And, honestly, we were feeling a bit of a yawn coming on. At some point, though, Leonard seems to reconsider. He looks around, reevaluates his life and suddenly realizes he's all the more better for being picked on in high school.

His message for the kids who just spent the last four years getting picked on or feeling invisible is simple: "When people do finally notice you, they’re going to find someone a lot cooler than they thought."


But, it's his message to the bullies and the popular kids that had this nerdy girl clapping. "It's over, sorry," Leonard said to the others. It couldn't have been any better than if he'd looked his most-hated bully in the face, shrugged and said, "You've peaked." Kids are always told that it gets better, but they're not always given proof. And, more importantly, they're never promised vindication. It was awesome to see Leonard burst a few bubbles and live vicariously through him.

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