This Morning totally grossed us out with this skin treatment idea

In the market for a new moisturiser? Looking for something to get rid of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles? You’ll probably want to stick to your regular face cream after this.

Regular This Morning viewers will be used to the show’s shock factor. We’ve had people drinking their own urine, women getting smear tests, and celebrities getting prostate exams — all on live TV.

What else could the ITV show do to make us spit out our late-morning lattes in disgust? Well, how about a sperm facial?

According to The Sun, This Morning researchers have been putting calls out for volunteers to come onto the show and rub their partner’s semen on their faces, all in the name of beauty.

It’s believed to be inspired by Bioforskning, a Norwegian company offering this very treatment in New York. They claim that the substance prevents wrinkles.

Presumably, whether the segment goes ahead depends on how many people are willing to pitch up at the television studios with a sperm sample in their handbag, and proceed to smear it all over their face in front of several million people.

While we wait with bated breath, here’s a reminder of some other classic This Morning clips.

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Video: This Morning/YouTube

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