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Game of Thrones: This ’80s interpretation is making us LOL (VIDEO)

Now that we’ve seen this video, we’re desperate to know what Game of Thrones would look like in pretty much every decade ever.

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With both the truly amazing/awful music that makes us feel like we’re watching an old sci-fi film or playing a video game from 30 years ago and the totally on-point font being used, this video has totally nailed what Game of Thrones‘ opening credits would look like if it were a show from the ’80s.

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Not to mention, we’re loving that non-HD picture quality. This video will make you laugh and cause retina damage — that’s how true to form it is! Bonus: The video replicates that annoying jumpy and scratchy thing that would happen to a VHS tape if it were watched one too many times. So, even in the ’80s, Game of Thrones would still have been as popular as ever.

Other things we learned from this video? Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister are always hot, no matter what decade it is.

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Watch the video below and prepare to laugh heartily at the uncanny ’80s resemblance!

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