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Kim Richards’ reaction to Dr. Phil’s accusation is so hard to watch (VIDEO)

Things did not go smoothly when Kim Richards sat down with Dr. Phil to talk about her recent arrest, to say the least. The reaction of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star when confronted with her drinking problem speaks volumes about her state of mind.

Richards agreed to sit down with the TV psych and her children to discuss her arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct, but she apparently did not know she would be confronted with her history of alcohol abuse and the obvious fact that she has fallen off the wagon hard — and when she put two and two together, she was not happy.

Watch Dr. Phil confront Kim Richards about her drinking:

“Are you living a lie telling everybody, ‘I’ve been sober for three years?'” he asked, before adding, “You are drunk in a bar fighting with a cop. That is not good mothering!”

That’s right — Dr. Phil just called her a bad mother.

Needless to say, Richards was not happy with that, then got extremely worked up when she realized the true purpose of the interview was to get her to agree to get help for her dependency — so much so that she stormed out of the room.

A source told E! News that it was all just too much for the reality star.

“Kim went into the interview with an open mind and genuinely wanting to do the interview but once she got there she became very upset and frustrated. Her frustration grew because she began to realize what she was in for,” the insider said.

“Her kids were starting to talk like it was an intervention and Kim couldn’t handle it. You could tell she felt cornered and hadn’t realized what she had signed up for. She got up and left in a huff yelling and cursing — anyone who was around her at the time could hear her shouting obscenities as she made her way out.”

It is unclear if Richards returned to her seat, but the interview is still set to air on April 28. As we reported yesterday, the celeb is still on the fence about returning to rehab, despite the fact that it could seriously help her case when she appears before a judge in June.

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