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Donald Trump’s plans for the 2016 presidential race scare us

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I think we can all agree: Donald Trump runs enough of this country as it is. We do not need him as president.

But in an interview with Extra, Trump says he has some big plans for 2016.

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“You are going to be very pleasantly surprised, we’re going to be announcing something in the not-too-distant future,” Trump explained. “The country is going to hell, and things are going to change and people are going to be very happy.”

Does that mean he’s going to pleasantly surprise us all by not running?


He event told Extra‘s A.J. Calloway that he’s got the infrastructure set up to run, “We have people all over, we have people in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa, we have a tremendous staff of people and this is the furthest.”

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Given the way Trump is playing coy, if he isn’t planning a presidential campaign, he’s at least got his hand somewhere in the political cookie jar for the upcoming election.

Trump even went so far as to tell Extra that if he were in office, he would “do many things, create a much better health care system because the country has a terrible system, do a lot having to do with the military because our military is becoming weaker and weaker, they’re using old equipment — we have to spend — and I would cut taxes.”

Which seems like a contradictory statement if Trump is going to both make sure our military is using top-of-the-line equipment while also cutting taxes… just sayin’.

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And while Trump may not be saying he’s officially running just yet, that doesn’t stop him from throwing shade at his competition, specifically Hillary Clinton. “She certainly will have a difficult time; it’s not going to be easy for her.”

Check out Extra‘s website to hear what else Trump had to say about running.

Do you think Trump will be able to hold his own in the 2016 presidential election?

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