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Fuller House: 5 things that could have happened to D.J. and Steve

Details of Fuller House are a bit scarce, but we know just enough to be able to sketch out some possible plotlines. Here are some things that could have happened to our favorite teen power couple, D.J. and Steve — and one thing that would absolutely break our hearts.

What we do know about the series is that it will focus on D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy after D.J. is left widowed. This development echoes the roots of the series, where family patriarch Danny was left a widower when the girls’ mother died — a truly tragic way for history to repeat itself.

When we last saw the Tanners, D.J. and her longtime boyfriend Steve were heading to their high school prom. What happened in the interim, and how could their relationship play out in the new series? Here are some ideas.

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1. A Facebook reunion

D.J. and Steve go to different universities and their newfound independence causes them to drift apart. He gets back into contact after Kimmy friends him on Facebook and tells him D.J.’s husband died. They slowly rekindle their romance, which is only natural — after all, Steve is a connection to the most carefree time of her life, her childhood.

2. United by home appliances

After a bitter breakup caused by Steve accusing D.J. of cheating with Nelson after she ran into him in the Haight, the couple cuts off all contact. One night, months after the death of her husband, D.J. finds herself unable to sleep, watching vacuum infomercials on cable — and who should she see hosting but Steve. She orders one immediately and when he hand delivers it himself, the years fade away.

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3. Steve

D.J. runs away with the Monkey Puppets and becomes their head groupie. The brother-sister relationship between Steve and Michelle takes a turn when he discovers the tot is all grown up and absolutely gorgeous, dude. The former teen sweethearts become brother- and sister-in-law, which makes Thanksgiving dinner slightly awkward but whatevs.

4. Comet bites the dust

Kimmy convinces D.J. to run off to New York to help her with her internet fashion start-up, leaving Comet with Steve after Danny decides to downsize and sell the family home in favor of a downtown loft. The entire family shuns Steve when he lets Comet run loose in the park, where he is bitten by a rabid parrot and has to be put down.

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But there’s one thing that we’re really, really afraid could happen — and it would totally break our hearts:

5. Steve bites the dust

D.J. and Steve stay together after high school and marry the summer after college graduation — and he’s the husband who dies, leaving her a widow. Stephanie and Kimmy move into her home to help her raise her and Steve’s children together and find a way to move forward with their lives with grace and humor, just like Uncle Jesse and Joey did when the girls were kids and lost their mom.

Tell us: What plotlines would you like to see on Fuller House?

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