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Kim Kardashian’s Earth Day selfie creates major backlash (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies, and she’s forever posting a new one on social media — she even has a book of selfies, entitled Selfish coming out soon — but some people are getting pretty tired of seeing her pose for pics all the time.

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On April 22, Kardashian decided to post a picture of herself sporting a strappy white bikini, surrounded by shrubbery in honor of Earth Day. And while some of her millions of followers are impressed with the picture, there are others who have just seen enough.

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Some critics really wish Kardashian would cover up.

There were also those who thought that Kardashian’s decision to post a selfie for Earth Day was a selfish one — and she does clearly promote her selfie book in the caption.

But these comments were tame compared to some of the others we have seen; some critics went so far as to fat-shame the reality TV star, as clearly seen in the comment section of People magazine’s article.

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“Ugh! yawn another selfie…GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY,KIM. Oh by the way, you look fat!” one critic wrote. “What we do know, she’s fat, and yes selfish,” another shared. Harsh!

Tell us what you think of Kim Kardashian’s selfie in the comments below.

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