Ben Affleck breaks all the rules in throwback Burger King commercial (VIDEO)

Sorry, Ben Affleck. The way to a woman’s heart is probably not through her fast food salad.

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Then again, maybe things were different in the ’80s, when this amazing, hilarious Burger King commercial was made, starring none other than a teenage Ben Affleck — complete with the poofiest hair you’ve ever seen.

Straight from 1989 to the internet, the commercial shows teenage Affleck driving his car when his phone rings.

“Hi, is this Burger King?” asks the sexy lady voice on the other end of the line.

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Affleck, who luckily happens to be driving by a Burger King at that very moment, demonstrates some quick thinking and answers, “Yeah, this is Burger King.”

The potentially soon-to-be Mrs. Teenage Ben Affleck then asks, “Would you deliver a chef’s salad?”

And Affleck, quickly formulating his plot to nab this fine lady, whips the car into the BK parking lot as he answers, “For you, absolutely.”

It’s a fairy tale, truly.

After picking up the late-night meal and heading to his new lady friend’s house (because he obviously asked for her address in a not-at-all creepy way), Affleck gets as far as the front porch when he hears his phone ringing again.

He sprints back to the car and answers it, only to hear his dad ordering him home as a sexy lady picks up her bag of food from the porch and looks around, clearly confused as to why her Burger King delivery boy didn’t stick around for a passionate make-out sesh.

“When hunger calls, there’s only one way to have it your way,” a voice-over says. “Because at Burger King, when you want to give people what they want, sometimes you gotta break the rules.”

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