8 Full House D.J. Tanner moments you forgot about

In truth, we’re probably all a little oversaturated with Full House. Reruns air several times a day, and if you’re anything like us, you still get sucked into the lives of the Tanners at least once a week.

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It’s been a long time since our days of obsession, hasn’t it? Plus, most of us were probably more D.J. or Michelle’s age. Thus, we’re thinking some of Donna Jo’s finest moments probably aren’t as etched into our memories. So, before Fuller House premieres on Netflix, let’s do a quick refresher on the life of the oldest sister. Don’t forget…

1. That time D.J. tried to make Steph and Gibbler become friends

No one understood or loved Kimmy Gibbler as much as D.J. — not even Gibbler’s parents. But when D.J. grew tired of the constant bickering between her BFF and her sister, she decided to intervene.

2. When she met Viper

Oh, Viper! He was young, wild and just enough older than D.J. to make Mr. Tanner super-uncomfortable. Of course, his long hair and ripped jeans probably didn’t help, either. Still, that dude was so hot. Viper had us like…

DJImage: Giphy.com

3. Or the time she was the best sister ever

Steph’s first Honeybee slumber party was a mess. She wanted her mom to go, but obviously, that couldn’t happen. And while Joey made a valiant effort to have fun and be a good “mom,” it just wasn’t enough. Even Aunt Becky couldn’t step up because she got stuck away on business. Luckily, Steph had D.J. and she went back to the slumber party with her sister.

4. When she lost all confidence in herself

What? No way. Prettiest Tanner by far.

DJ feels uglyImage: Giphy.com

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5. When she let Michelle pick the puppy

Uh… in what universe does anyone defer puppy-picking to the baby sister?

6. The less-coordinated time when she put a hole in the wall

You might remember when they flung the rail through the wall, but do you remember why they were wearing matching shirts?

Full HouseImage: Giphy.com

7. When she sang for the telethon

The only real tragedy of this moment is who even wrote this song?

8. Finally, when she matched with a teacher

Ugh! As much as we loved Deej, fashion was definitely not always her strong suit.

DJImage: Giphy.com

What’s your favorite moment from D.J. Tanner? Tell us below.

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