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Gigi Hadid asks for the most selfless birthday presents ever (PHOTOS)

Gigi Hadid will celebrate her 20th birthday on April 23.

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But what kind of birthday present do you get a gorgeous and wealthy model who seems to have it all?

Well, if you’re her singer boyfriend, Cody Simpson, you get her exactly what she asks for — some McDonald’s gift cards.

And not because she’s really craving a Big Mac.

Hadid explained the gift on her Instagram and Twitter, “For my bday I asked for #McDonalds (or other food) gift cards to keep in my wallet to give to those I pass on the streets of NYC and everywhere else that are in need of a meal. I don’t always carry cash & it’s nice to know it’ll be put to good use.”

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She credits Simpson with gifting her with the first batch of cards.

Not only is Hadid a well-known model, but her mother is Real Housewives star, Yolanda Foster, which means, under normal circumstances, we would kinda assume that Hadid likes the finer things in life… including lots of birthday presents. And we were right about the fact that she wants lots of presents, but only so she can give them away to those in need.

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Of course, Hadid already got a head start on celebrating her birthday in style, spending her time at Coachella with her celeb friends like Kendall Jenner and Simpson to kick off the party.

Do you love Hadid’s selfless birthday gift idea as much as we do?

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