Fans are impressed with Kourtney Kardashian’s breast pump pic (PHOTO)

Kourtney Kardashian is a mom to three beautiful little kids, but she’s also a Kardashian, and she’s just stolen all the headlines for a picture that she posted on Instagram.

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Kourtney celebrated her 36th birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, but she didn’t leave her breast pumps behind. In fact, she decided that they would make for a great photo opportunity because the reality TV star posted a picture of herself seductively sitting on a kitchen counter, dressed all in black, with two breast pumps attached to her bust.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Kardashian captioned the snap. And it’s safe to say that the majority of fans are pretty impressed by this picture. It’s already gathered over 540, 000 likes and some comments that include “She’s so great!!!!!” and “Amazing.” There are also multiple comments about how women would like to try this out — did Kourtney just create a fashion accessory from breast pumps?

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It does look as though Kardashian was just fooling around for the cameras, because there is no milk visible. But while most people think her picture is awesome, there are some who think that it should be kept private.

“Funny but not for all of us its a private thing @kourtneykardash,” one user wrote. Another shared similar sentiments, writing, “Haha so funny this is so disrespectful it’s not even funny.” And this makes for an interesting discussion: Is Kourtney Kardashian empowering moms by bringing breast pumps to the mainstream, or is it embarrassing?

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One thing is for sure, though: this was not the only crazy thing that happened in Vegas, because Kardashian posted several photos on Instagram to share a glimpse into her lavish celebrations.

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