Teen Mom's Catelynn and Tyler clash with Carly's adoptive parents (VIDEO)

Apr 20, 2015 at 1:06 p.m. ET
Image: MTV

We know that tension has been mounting between Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra and their first daughter Carly's adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa Davis.

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On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, both couples finally sat down with the adoption counselor, Dawn, to discuss the future of their adoption agreements.

Baltierra began by asking the couple what made them go from a closed adoption to a semi-open adoption.

"We had just met you and we really liked you," Teresa explained. "Also, it's hard to take that child from another mother's arms."

Then the couples begin speaking about how the cameras have influenced their initial agreement, and Baltierra (who does most of the talking) asks Carly's adoptive parents if it would be different if he and Lowell did not post pictures of Carly on social media (the Davises have asked the reality TV couple not to share pictures of Carly online).

"We don't really want anyone else posting pictures of our children," Teresa explains in the video obtained by Us Weekly. And that's when Baltierra starts to lose his cool a little bit because he believes there's a double standard.

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"My question is, though, what's the motivation for doing Dr. Drew and then going on the magazine Lifelines?" he says. "That was putting her picture [on social media]. You let a camera guy go in your house."

"We have a platform to speak on adoption from an adoptive parent perspective that nobody else has," Teresa responds.

"All I really wanted to say was can you understand why we would think that or feel that?" Baltierra asks. Brandon agrees with Baltierra and sees his point, but Teresa then brings up another point. "The baby biologically is yours, but in every other way, she is our child and you have to trust our decisions," she says.

Baltierra might agree that they don't owe them an explanation, but judging by his response, he is still not a happy guy. Not one bit.

Listen to the discussion between the couples in the video below (we know it's small).