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Cameron Crowe’s Bruce Jenner joke is being blown way out of proportion

Yet another flood of emails have been leaked from the Sony hack, bringing another round of bad news just when everyone in the entertainment industry hoped it was over.

The latest round of leaked emails shows exchanges between now-former co-chairwoman Amy Pascal and well-known director Cameron Crowe.

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Unfortunately for these two, they don’t stick to business and instead poke fun at Bruce Jenner’s gender transition, which has everyone talking and some calling foul.

The two were conversing about Crowe’s romantic comedy Aloha, which stars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, when the joke happened.

“Did you have something to show me this week?” Pascal asked Crowe.

“Does Bruce Jenner want boobs? Hell yes I have something to show you!!!!!” Crowe responds in the email.

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And that’s it.

I’d like to defend Crowe on this one because the comment really isn’t that bad. Sure, it’s a sensitive topic, and Jenner deserves respect for his personal decisions. But Crowe doesn’t say anything judgmental about Jenner’s transition, simply that he’s becoming a woman so, yeah, he wants boobs.

Crowe, no doubt, didn’t mean any harm in the lighthearted joke.

In fact, most online commenters seem to think the news isn’t really that newsworthy, too.

“By the time this ‘I’m so offended by everything’ syndrome runs its course, we’ll all be Stepford wives. Let’s all just lighten up a bit,” one online commenter said.

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Another added sarcastically, “Let’s see, Cameron Crowe makes a harmless truthful joke to a colleague through an email he assumed would not be seen by the world… yep, more newsworthy leaks there.”

I vote we all take a deep breath and move on.

Do you think Cameron Crowe’s comments deserve to be making headlines?

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