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Farrah Abraham makes a bold accusation about MTV cameramen and her daughter

Farrah Abraham is making an explosive return to the Teen Mom series this season, but her appearance on the show isn’t the only shocking thing going on.

In an interview with toofab, Abraham said that the male camera crew gives her and her daughter very little privacy and it’s wildly inappropriate — in fact, she hints there will be some nudity coming up and she is not happy about it.

“I think some of it’s too much shown,” she said. “The network should be focused on why it’s edited the way it is, instead of showing us naked. I don’t agree with that.”

Ironic considering she stars in a porn movie, but she went on to explain that it isn’t only affecting her — her young daughter is totally skeeved out by the camera crew, who she says tries to film them changing clothes.

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“Sophia does have her troubles with some of the male camera operators,” Abraham said. “I think that’s justified, because we’re normally not just having an all-male crew and we’re normally not having cameras as much in the way when we’re getting dressed. Keep in mind, we’re women. We’re not so open usually and usually have more privacy. This was definitely like, ‘MTV, what are you doing?’ And Sophia voices some of that.”

It’s unclear exactly what Abraham is referring to, because the episodes featuring mother and daughter have not aired yet, but stay tuned — she makes her return to Teen Mom OG on Monday.

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