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Sarah Jessica Parker wants all women to feel comfortable in their own skin (VIDEO)

Sarah Jessica Parker has a new HBO series, Divorce, in the works, and it sounds like it’s going to be our new vice. But the comments that really stood out for us during her interview with Entertainment Tonight‘s Melissa Rivers were the ones about how women should embrace the skin they are in.

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Parker has been celebrated for her incredible style over the years — think about how amazing her wardrobe as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City was — but she is a firm believer that her clothes do not define her.

“I sort of wear whatever I — I don’t think I have an identity. I think I’m everything. I think I’m all women,” Parker revealed. “You know, I run my kids to school, I can’t wear heels. I know it’s disappointing. People got a lot of things to say, like, ‘Where’s her heels?’ ‘Oh, she’s a horror.’ But, the truth is, you know, I live in a city and there’s elements and there’s snow and mud and rain and curbs… and I kind of just wear what I like to wear.”

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“Don’t you feel best when you just feel like yourself?” Parker passionately asked. “When you stop thinking about what everyone else is wearing, or what you should wear or what people might think or say? Don’t you feel best when you walk out the door and you simply feel like yourself?”

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We love Parker’s comments about not worrying about what everyone else thinks and just doing what makes her happy. It’s a sentiment that we should all try to remember.

Watch the inspirational interview below.

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