Jenny McCarthy has some harsh words about The View

Apr 17, 2015 at 12:31 p.m. ET
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Jenny McCarthy's stint on the talk show The View did not end on a very high note, but that's OK, because she doesn't have very high hopes for the future of the show anyway.

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During a recent interview with The Howard Stern Show, McCarthy and her husband Donnie Wahlberg sat down to talk about her experience on the show, and if she'd ever consider going back.

"I think they might try one more year and then I think the Titanic might go down," she explained.

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Stern then added that since McCarthy left the show the ratings have actually gone down, and this is when Wahlberg brought up the fact that the show's producers wanted her back.

"She's very gracious about The View, and I will say, I told her the day she left, 'They're gonna ask you back within six months,'" Wahlberg said. "And she won't say it, but they did. Not officially, but they did."

The blonde bombshell also weighed in on the topic, explaining what had actually happened.

"One of the producers called and said would I ever consider it. And I said, 'No, thank you.' Because I couldn't be me," she explained.

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And it's a good thing that she is no longer a part of the show, because McCarthy says she's never been happier than when she's working on her on her SiriusXM show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny.

"I've never been more happy with a job in my entire life than being here. I get to be myself," she admitted. We're glad to hear it.

Watch the video below.