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Sony hacks: More nasty comments surface about Angelina Jolie — really nasty

It’s not over, folks.

Just when you were starting to forget about the Sony email hack scandal, WikiLeaks comes back with a vengeance. Recently, the controversial online whistle-blower website made the more than 170,000 emails as well as 30,000 private documents searchable on their site.

Since the leak, Sony has maintained that they are stolen property and have no business being online. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange thinks differently, telling Daily Mail that the emails are “at the center of a geopolitical conflict,” they belong in the public domain and WikiLeaks will ensure they stay there.

But in the wake of this massive information overhaul, the curtain has been pulled even further back on the nastiness that went on in the email exchanges between Amy Pascal and various Sony executives and others.

Here are nine of the most unbelievable we’ve been able to find so far on WikiLeaks.

1. Amy Pascal’s crazy-expensive two-day trip to Washington, D.C.

Amy Pascal took a trip a Washington, D.C., for the premiere of the film Fury. She was there a grand total of two days. The email of her “fully approved” expense report topped out at a staggering $66,350.

2. Angelina Jolie studying film

An exchange between Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin reveals the two seemed to have nothing better to do than constantly electronically roll their eyes at Angelina Jolie. After a message from Jolie in which she says she is studying more film and will get back to him, he responds, “Perfect.” He turns right around and emails Pascal, saying, “Beyond belief. She’s studying films. Kill me please. Immediately.”

3. Angelina Jolie is more than just a brat

Remember those emails that were originally leaked calling Jolie a brat, among other colorful adjectives? Well, that wasn’t all from that particular email exchange. This string was a long tirade from Rudin that included gems such as, “I’m not remotely interested in presiding over a $180m ego bath…” and, “[T]he last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming.” Oh, that’s not all. As if it wasn’t clear enough he wasn’t happy with Jolie, he continued, saying, “I have no need to keep her happy,” and really drives it home with, “There is NO relationship with any movie star — ANY one — that requires our willingness to prostrate ourselves this way in the face of childish, irresponsible, willful and un-partnerly behavior.”

What a nice guy. This entire email string is full of both Rudin and Pascal taking turns bashing each other and Jolie along with anyone else who gets in their path.

4. Someone tried to tell them

At least it appears that someone CCd or included in part of this previously mentioned exchange had a little bit of sense to realize that not only was it nuts to be putting these terrible comments in writing, but to be letting them fly all over the internet for anyone to potentially see.

Amy Pascal forwarded the previous email chain to Michael Lynton, who responded, “You guys are nuts to put this in an email.”

5. Someone else tried to tell them

Lynton wasn’t the only one who was amazed by Rudin and Pascal’s childish exchange. Doug Belgrad, another Sony exec, said, “Maybe you guys should lay off the email.” Truer words were never spoken.

6. Angelina Jolie is not Cleopatra

In this exchange, all they needed to do was confirm that Angelina Jolie knew a particular meeting wasn’t happening. But Pascal and Rudin felt the needed to drag out their favorite punching bag, Jolie herself, and Rudin said, “She knows it’s off. Calm down. She’s an actress for hire, not Cleopatra.” Pascal replied, “I forgot.” There’s not even any reason for this jab. Jolie hadn’t done anything, hadn’t said anything — someone canceled a meeting and they just felt the need to say something nasty.

7. David O. Russell is abusive on American Hustle set

Jonathan Alter told Michael Lynton about David O. Russell’s bad behavior on the set of his films, saying, “He grabbed one guy by the collar, cursed out people repeatedly in front of others and so abused Amy Adams that Christian Bale got in his face and told him to stop acting like an asshole.”

Anyone who has to be talked down by Christian Bale is not someone I want to mess around with.

8. Kicking Angelina Jolie when she’s down

After getting a review back about Unbroken, one of Jolie’s films, Pascal says to Doug Belgrad, “[D]oesn’t sound like academy [award] to me,” to which he replies, “Agreed.” They make mention of her trying to “woo” the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and that maybe they should nominate Brad Pitt for her efforts, too. How pleasant, again.

9. They were told to consult the NSA about North Korea

Remember all the madness surrounding the release of The Interview? Well, apparently Sony was explicitly told they should consult the State Department or the NSA after Seth Rogen tweeted about being threatened.

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