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Britney Spears cusses out a body-shamer at a show and it’s glorious (VIDEO)

Ever since Chris Crocker’s tearful pleas in 2007, the world is quick to offer an emphatic “leave Britney alone” anytime Britney Spears is wrongfully attacked. However, Spears just proved that she is capable of speaking up for herself now, thank you very much.

During her Vegas show on Wednesday night, one very rude fan screamed at Spears as she performed onstage, calling her a “fat bitch,” according to TMZ. Instead of letting the comment slide, Spears joined the recent movement of celebs who refuse to allow body-shamers to get away with putting them down. The singer shot back with, “f***ing asshole,” while her microphone was still hot.

The “fan” in questions is obviously rude, but we can’t help but wonder what the person was doing at Spears’ show in the first place. With tickets in the front area of the theater ranging from $500 to $800 a pop, that’s an awful lot of dough to shell out to see someone perform that you don’t even care for.

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Brit Brit has clearly demonstrated she is capable of standing up for herself, but that doesn’t mean her fans aren’t coming out in full force to support her. One concertgoer was dumbfounded that anyone could say something bad about Spears’ body in the first place, and shared a photo from the show on Instagram, displaying how great Spears looked.

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Twitter also lit up with people who were happy that Spears chose to stand up for herself.

Britney Spears fan

Image: Shaun Wilson/Twitter

One YouTube user echoed our sentiment about going to the show in the first place. It must take a truly unhappy person to show up at an event just to be mean.

Britney Spears fan comment

Image: Josh xoxo/YouTube

What do you think? Did Britney do the right thing by standing up for herself, or should she have taken the high road and stayed silent?

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