Dove Cameron sings about true love, heartbreak in new video (EXCLUSIVE)

Apr 17, 2015 at 8:20 a.m. ET

Dove Cameron's prom will feature a big moment — at least on TV.

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The star of the Disney original series Liv and Maddie is set to debut a new song during the show's prom episode, which airs on Sunday.

The original song is announced by Liv's on-screen parents, who are looking great in their own prom getups.

"Once upon a time, our daughter, Liv, wrote a song called 'True Love,'" her mother announces to applause from prom-goers.

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The curtain then rises on Liv and a band, surrounded by floating yellow lights. Prom doesn't get much more magical than this.

"If I could do it all over, maybe I'd do it different," Liv sings to slow-dancing prom guests. "Maybe I wouldn't be here in this position / I found you, then I lost you / Looking back is torture. And it hurts to know I let you go / You live right around the corner / And I could have had it all, could have had it all."

According to Disney, Liv sings the song to her prom crush, Holden. He's played by guest star Jordan Fisher from Disney's Teen Beach 2. The episode features other guest stars as well, including Jessie's Cameron Boyce as Maddie's eccentric prom date, Craig, better known as Krahgg the Insidious. It's part of Disney's annual "What the What" weekend, during which Disney stars play wacky characters on shows other than their own.

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Check out the full song from Sunday's Liv and Maddie above, and then catch the full episode on Sunday at 7:30/6:30c on the Disney Channel. Catch other "What the What" specials all weekend, beginning at 8/7c on Friday.

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