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Jamie Costa’s imitations of Robin Williams and 16 other celebs are insane

Seriously, though, who is Jamie Costa and why is he not on Saturday Night Live?

Costa’s insanely amazing impersonations of the late, great Robin Williams have gone viral and we’re just sitting over here wondering why we haven’t heard of the guy before. Costa’s impression of Williams isn’t just good, it’s downright scary. He perfectly nails Williams’ voice and his face even morphs into that of the comedian’s. Watch as Costa takes on all of Williams’ most famous roles, from Popeye to Mrs. Doubtfire.
Though already a celebrity in his own right in the Vine community, Costa is relatively unknown and only has a handful of acting credits on IMDb. However, the guy is clearly a genius and is likely to be on his way to fame.

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After watching his take on Williams, it’s kind of hard to imagine him as anyone else, but Costa’s talent allows him to eerily, yet hilariously, mimic a variety of other actors and characters.

1. Dustin Hoffman

His voice! If you close your eyes, you’d swear that Hoffman is on your screen.

2. Owen Wilson

He’s got the lip pursing down pat, not to mention the fact this totally sounds like something Wilson would say.

3. Michael Caine

Caine’s accent isn’t an easy one, but Costa’s got in on lock.

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4. Captain Jack Sparrow

Speaking of tricky accents: The cadence of Captain Jack Sparrow was created by Johnny Depp, but Costa has no problem recreating it.

5. George Bush

Costa is giving Will Ferrell a run for his money with this one.

6. Forrest Gump

We were wondering how Forrest Gump felt about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. Mystery solved.

7. Matthew McConaughey

Is it possible that Costa’s McConaughey is better than Jim Carrey’s?

8. Jack Nicholson

Costa sells it as Nicholson, who we are sure really is all about the after-party.

9. Christopher Walken

Walken has to be one of the most imitated actors ever, but rarely does someone really nail it. Costa does.

10. Harrison Ford

File this one under creepy. Costa’s take on Ford’s little half-smile/smirk is so close to the original, it’s scary.

11. Heath Ledger as The Joker

It’s the little details that really make Costa’s impressions pop. The tongue action in the end of this one really gives it that something extra.

12. Russell Crowe

Again, dazzling us with the accent. He also really gets that growling, throaty quality that is so unique to Crowe.

13. John Lovitz

Lovitz is another distinct character that Costa has no problem taking on. His voice is perfect.

14. and 15. Gandalf and Sméagol

In a sea of awful Gollum impressions, Costa’s is truly precious.

16. The Crocodile Hunter

We’re not sure if it’s the eyes or the hair, but Costa looks like he could be Steve Irwin’s twin in this one.

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