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Sofía Vergara is being sued by her ex, Nick Loeb, and the claims are awful

Sofía Vergara is in a relationship with one of the best-looking men in the world, Joe Manganiello, but it appears that she and her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb did not end things on a very good note, because Loeb is reportedly suing the Modern Family actress.

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So, what could Loeb possibly be suing his former fiancée for?

Just six months before the pair split in November 2013, they appear to have been planning a family together, because according to InTouch, they “had embryos created as a result of his sperm and her eggs being fertilized.” And Loeb, who has filed court documents using the pseudonym John Doe, wants to prevent them from being destroyed.

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The documents that were filed last August detail how John Doe “seeks to ensure that the female embryos are not destroyed, but Jane Doe [Sofía Vergara] refuses to agree to their preservation under all circumstances.”

The documents also claim that “John seeks to save from destruction two cryopreserved female embryos created using John’s sperm and Jane’s [Vergara] ova for the purposes of attempting to have children. However, before the female embryos could be implanted in a surrogate, the parties ended their relationship.” And they disagreed on the fate of the embryos, with Vergara wanting them to be “destroyed” and Loeb wanting to keep them.

And that’s not even the most shocking part, because Loeb claims that during their relationship, Vergara was very abusive toward him both “physically and mentally.”

The court documents paint an awful picture, one where Vergara reportedly “punched him in the face on two occasions, kicked him and threw her phone at his head. She also routinely bullied him, calling him a ‘loser,’ ‘worthless’ and other degrading names.”

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