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Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend is facing some damaging abuse claims

Being a celebrity means that there are always going to be rumors about you and your loved ones, but this latest report about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend is pretty surprising.

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Abraham has found love with her new boyfriend Simondeep “Simon” Saran, but reports are claiming that Saran’s past relationships were not as happy, and involved multiple restraining orders — from both parties involved.

According to Radar Online, Saran’s ex-girlfriend, Josie Leisz, filed a temporary restraining order against him in August 2011, reportedly eight months after their relationship ended. In the court documents, which have been obtained by Radar Online, Leisz claims that Saran was emotionally abusive to her during their relationship, and some of his choice insults included “f***ing bitch” and “stupid whore.”

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In addition to the claims of emotional abuse, Saran allegedly displayed “jealous and controlling” behavior.

“Simondeep would… take my phone and send messages to guys who texted me,” Leisz reportedly claimed. “In these messages he would tell them to leave me alone and that I don’t like them, pretending to be me. Simondeep also did the same thing with my email account and Facebook account.”

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The drama did not end after the relationship did, with Radar Online reporting that Leisz claiming that Saran refused to move out of her home, so she did. And there were apparently several other unpleasant encounters between the former couple, including one incident at a nightclub.

“Simondeep came over to my table and very violently flipped the table over,” Leisz recalled. “Simon then began screaming things at me and my friends and scaring us. Simon was yelling things to my friends like, ‘I f***ed that bitch every night’… The club manager had to kick him out of the club for the night.”

According to Radar Online, Leisz also accused Saran of breaking into her home on Aug. 6, 2011, where he threatened to beat up a male houseguest.

A judge reportedly granted Leisz a temporary order of protection at the time, but she filed for another restraining order in January 2012, after she accused him of “obsessively texting and calling her,” among other things.

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These are damaging claims, but it’s important to remember that there are always two side to every story, and according to Radar Online, Saran has denied his ex’s accusations.

In his own court documents, he is reported to have said, “I have not abused or threatened her and I am not a danger to her. I have never caused, attempted to cause or threatened to cause her bodily harm.”

And Saran was also granted his own restraining order against Leisz in February 2012, after he claimed that she broke into his home and stole several personal items as well as $1,700 in cash and his checkbook.

Phew! If these claims are true, let’s hope things are far less dramatic with Abraham.

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