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Jon Stewart hilariously mocks media for Hillary Clinton Chipotle coverage (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart has always had a knack for pointing out the bizarre and ridiculous.

Well, with the presidential hopefuls all just gearing up to get on the campaign trail, he will once again be served up with tons of material. Little did he know, the ridiculousness would start so soon or come on this strong.

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, who had already announced her official candidacy with a low-key video released online, stopped at a Chipotle for lunch while on the road to Iowa. And the news media totally lost it, analyzing every moment of the “event.”

But that wasn’t the most asinine part of the news cycle of the day.

This insignificant event in the daily happenings of Clinton completely dwarfed the much bigger official announcement of Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) decision to run for the GOP nomination.

In true Stewart fashion, he pointed out, “How could Rubio have known that on that exact day he was launching his candidacy, Hillary Clinton would eat lunch?”

And then, of course, Stewart took his jabs at Rubio’s announcement speech itself for a very flat and off joke about “our leaders taxing and borrowing and regulating like it’s 1999.”

Stewart then pointed out that 1999 was actually a really good year, and we could be so lucky to be back in 1999.

Watch the entire clip here:

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