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Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner trailer fuels media stunt accusations (VIDEO)

Is it just us or is Diane Sawyer’s upcoming interview with Bruce Jenner getting a lot of hype?

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The second promotional video for the 20/20 exclusive dropped today, and in a dramatic 15 seconds, it tells us essentially nothing about what to expect when the special airs, but does bill it as “the journey, the decisions, the future, the interview.”

Unlike the first trailer, which hit the web last week, this time we hear Jenner’s voice.

“My whole life has been getting me ready for this,” he says, though there’s no hint as to what “this” is.

It’s been widely speculated that Jenner is going to publicly reveal his decision to transition to a woman, something the media has been saying is happening for months. But ABC is keeping quiet on what may be discussed during the interview, saying only that the April 24 special will be “far-ranging and exclusive.”

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That secrecy has led some to believe the rumors of a transition may just be a media stunt to hype Diane Sawyer’s interview, which will be Jenner’s first major pubic appearance since he split with Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian family, in December.

“The whole bruce jenner thing imo is just an excuse to view the trans body as spectacle by the media. and we don’t know if he IDs as trans (sic),” one user wrote on Twitter.

Another chimed in, “I still can’t tell if the Bruce Jenner as a transgender story is real or just a concoction of the media…”

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What do you think? Do you believe the rumors that Bruce Jenner is transitioning to a woman? Or do you agree that this seems like a stunt to build hype for his 20/20 special? Will you be tuning in to watch the interview? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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