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The Bella Twins have decided what their next career move will be

The Bella Twins may be done with the WWE, but they’re far from finished with their television careers.

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Nikki and Brie Bella revealed they want E! to do a spinoff show focusing on them, their lives and their relationships. Brie is married to Daniel Bryan and Nikki is dating John Cena, both of whom are well-known in the WWE world.

In an interview with Bang Showbiz, Nikki explained, “We have this group of girlfriends which we’ve kind of introduced to the world, but not really. Not only are they beautiful but they have personalities that you wouldn’t believe. They kind of remind me of Cameron Diaz’s character in the film, There’s Something About Mary.”

Needless to say, Nikki thinks it would be the perfect group for television.

“Brie and I definitely want to do a spinoff,” Nikki confirmed in the same interview.

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As for what else the girls are thinking in the future, they’d love to team up with Bryan and Cena in the ring.

“Something Daniel and I have always said is that if something organically happens that would be great [to be on Raw together]. As of right now there’s nothing in the works, but you can never say never because in the future you never know. I know the fans love it when we’re together. I think it could be good television.”

“I think, as of now, they’re trying to keep John and I as far apart as possible, and have us both focus on our championships,” Nikki added. “That then makes Total Divas something special to tune into because it’s the only show where you can see John and I together.”

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News broke at the beginning of March that the Bella Twins did not intend to renew their contracts with the WWE following this season. Of course, that doesn’t mean their careers are over for good. The girls just didn’t want to commit to another three years, which is what the contract would have entailed.

But Brie wants to be a mother and Nikki wants to focus on a career as an actress.

With this talk of a potential spinoff, though, perhaps the girls haven’t quite made up their minds about their future just yet after all.

Would you watch a Bella Twins spinoff show?

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