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Janelle Monáe silences Twitter troll with five words

With surgical precision, she removed the soapbox from underneath the ugly troll, taking his power and his voice, which have since been drowned out by applause from her response to his Twitter post about her clothes.

Janelle Monáe has a style. Her look oftentimes includes white button-down shirts, bow ties, suspenders… “boy clothes,” right? Well, let’s just get this out of the way right now. She is drop-dead gorgeous, and her look is always on point no matter what gender her clothes are “supposed” to be for.

In addition to fashionista, she can now put total badass next to her name, right by where she also has talented, beautiful and all-around awesome woman.

One trolled tweeted at her:

Janelle Monáe tweet

She came right back and let him know she is not here for him nor does she have time for his negative opinions. She replied:

Like. A. Boss. Now that is how you shut down someone who offers you their opinion when you didn’t ask for it. And what does that even mean? How is being “soulful” not sexy or whatever he is trying to say? And is it her particular suits? Or just women in suits in general? What is he even saying here…? I don’t even get it, and I don’t care to. He has since deleted the post. Smart move, buddy.

One of Monáe’s fans then replied to the exchange with the best comeback:

Twitter can sometimes be the best and worst place. Either way, in this case, I’d say that guy should learn his lesson: Don’t troll Janelle Monáe; she will not just let it slide. How about this? Don’t troll anyone — it’s just not cool.

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