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Kim Kardashian turns to surgery to help her get pregnant again

Kim Kardashian is taking her most extreme steps yet to have another baby.

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The reality TV star has been outspoken about wanting multiple kids and she hasn’t been shy about her attempts with husband, Kanye West, to have a sibling for their daughter, North. She’s also hinted at fertility problems and it’s been rumored that the current season of her family’s show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, will center largely around Kim’s struggles to conceive.

MSN News reports the cameras captured Kim’s decision to have surgery on her uterus, which doctors say may make another pregnancy easier for her. According to the site, the new season of Kim’s show documents her decision to have the surgery, as well as the surgery itself. Kim reportedly decided on the surgery because she wants surrogacy to be a “last resort,” even though her mom, Kris Jenner, has said her sister, Kourtney, would be willing to be Kim’s surrogate.

“The last thing I want to happen is your mom to be watching when you’re bleeding and having that difficult delivery,” Kim’s doctor reportedly told her in encouraging her to consider a surrogate.

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Instead, Kim opted for the surgery, which MSN reports was successful. MSN reports she had an overgrowth from her placenta “cleaned out,” and that Kim’s doctor sent before and after photos to Jenner and said he was “optimistic” about Kim’s ability to conceive and carry a second baby after the procedure. The doctor reportedly also put Kim on a hormone treatment to help jump-start her cycle.

“Hopefully she’ll move out by then so I don’t have to go through yet another menstrual cycle with her,” Jenner joked.

MSN says Kim’s surgery was filmed months ago, but she has yet to announce another pregnancy.

Our thoughts are with Kim and her family during her fertility struggles.

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