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Aaron Paul proves he’s cooler than Jesse Pinkman in new Q&A (EXCLUSIVE)

We first fell in love with Aaron Paul’s alter ego, Jesse, on Breaking Bad; now, we’re just unconditionally, head-over-heels in love with the star. Between gushing about his “pretty little bird” (aka his wife) and wooing us with his insightful words, Paul is taking Hollywood by storm.

Before he recently celebrated the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge at the premiere event, we got a chance to pick his brain on love, life and society’s biggest challenges today.

SheKnows: What’s one cause you feel especially passionate about?

Aaron Paul: I’m extremely passionate about Kind Campaign; a nonprofit that brings awareness and healing to the effects of bullying through their global movement, documentary film, in-school assemblies and educational curriculums. It’s an organization my wife started years ago with her partner/friend, Molly Thompson. As a man who was once a child walking my own school hallways, I know firsthand how brutal and unkind kids can be. I think it’s incredible that an organization like Kind Campaign exists to help kids and teens realize that they are not alone.
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SK: What’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?

AP: My wife and I went on safari last year and during sunset we followed a female lion walking alone for a few miles. The silence, the sky and the vastness of the desert was haunting.

SK: What are your thoughts on technology and social media, and how significant they’ve become in our everyday lives?

AP: I have a love-hate relationship with social media, to be honest. I love that as a society we can connect with one another in a way that we could never have dreamed of before. On the flip side, because we are so connected through technology, there is a disconnect when it comes to interpersonal interaction. It freaks me out when I’m sitting in a restaurant and I look around and people, who happen to be sharing a meal with another person, have their heads down, faces lit by their screens. There is something scarily robotic about it.

SK: How do you use technology in your daily life?

AP: I am in love with movies and music. I have an addiction to Netflix and Pandora. I am so happy they exist.

SK: You write really beautiful, insightful things about life and love on Instagram. What’s one of the most important lessons you’ve learned so far in your 30s?

AP: ?I’ve learned to not take anything for granted. We are all lucky to be living here on this beautiful planet. One day you and I will be gone and I feel we have a responsibility to embrace life, cherish every moment and try not to screw things up for future generations.

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It's days like today that remind me that life is so incredibly fragile and we need to appreciate every single second and never forget how lucky we are to simply exist. Thank you @samanthamarq for capturing in a single frame the true essence that lives and breathes thru Lauren and I on a daily basis. Words of advise to everyone that happens to read this post…Burn that candle, drink that "special" bottle of wine and never lose sight of how perfect each and every one of you are. Explore this beautiful world and surround yourself with people you love and are inspired by. Also, peanut butter cookies and milk are hands down the best combination of food/drink items that has ever existed. I love cookies so much. And also pizza. #southxsouthafrica

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SK: You’ve spoken out before about girl-on-girl bullying. What do you think one of the most important lessons or values is to instill in young kids?

AP: Try to be kind to one another. I know when you are in school it’s hard to see past your school hallways, but know that school is just one chapter of your life. There is so much ahead of you. Don’t be mean.

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SK: Who’s the most positive influence in your life?

AP: My beautiful wife and my incredible mother. I have endless amounts of reasons for this, but at the top of the list is that they are the kindest, most loving people I know and just being around them makes me want to be a better person.

SK: What’s one misconception people have about Hollywood and fame?

AP: It’s not all glamorous. Yes, there are perks to the job and I love what I do with every ounce of my being, but I am sure a lot of people don’t realize how grueling it all can be. Fourteen-hour days are routine, sometimes in the most uncomfortable scenarios, such as being in an ice-cold lake, take after take.

SK: What’s been the biggest obstacle in your career?

AP: Finding the right material… something that moves you, excites you and scares you at the same time.

SK: How have your beliefs and values changed over the years?

AP: I would like to think that my values have stayed intact throughout the years. It’s all about having a supportive community through your family and friends and I feel lucky to have that and to have been able to stay grounded.

SK: Who do you feel taught you the most about love??

AP: My parents. Seeing the love they have for each other has always inspired me. It was always transparent and I feel lucky to have grown up with their love as an example.

SK: What’s one struggle you’re happy you endured?

AP: All my bad relationships. I’m happy that I went through those highs and lows because then once I found Lauren, I knew I had to protect what we had.

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SK: What’s one recent fear you conquered?

AP: Oysters. I used to be terrified of them and now I’m obsessed with them.

SK: What’s the best advice your mom ever gave you?

AP: “Don’t ever take her for granted.”

Now, we’ll leave you with this photo… just because.

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