Veep‘s Selina Meyer and 7 other female TV presidents you love

On the same day that Hillary Clinton announced her bid? to be the first female president of the United States, HBO’s Veep premiered Season 4 with Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) at the helm of the free world.

“Ow, you’re hurting my hand” and “I feel like I have a hamster wheel in my head” tripped off her tongue instead of the customary handshake platitudes — and it got worse (or better, depending how you look at it) from there.

During a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, President Meyer referenced “Columbian tongue sex” and suggested they sell Afghanistan on eBay.

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Let’s look at how other women have depicted the biggest job in the land.

1. Mackenzie Allen (Geena Davis, Commander in Chief)

Mackenzie Allen

Image: ABC

It was the old “one heartbeat away” method that landed this lady in the hot seat. One minute she’s the Veep, the next she’s large and in charge. She, unlike Selina, brought a first gentleman to the White House.

2. Constance Payton (Alfre Woodard, State of Affairs)

Constance Payton

Image: NBC

Selina may have an ax to grind here and there, but she’s nowhere near as determined as this prez. Whereas Selina simply wants to make her mark, any mark, President Payton was focused on revenge.

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3. Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones, 24)

Allison Taylor

Image: Fox

Here’s a leader that Selina could learn a lot from. She won her election fair and square and boldly led the country through everything that came next. Selina forgets her reading glasses, and she’s toast.

4. Caroline Reynolds (Patricia Wettig, Prison Break)

Caroline Reynolds

Image: Fox

At first glance, her warm smile seems Selina-esque. But this POTUS was ruthless before she even opened her eyes in the morning. Selina likely makes a beeline for the coffee pot and hurts herself along the way.

5. Julia Mansfield (Patty Duke, Hail to the Chief)

Julia Mansfield

Image: ABC

The ’80s pioneered a woman in the Oval Office. President Mansfield had spies in her cabinet, a nuclear threat in the Soviet Union and an impotent husband at home. She, like Selina, handled it all with a chuckle.

6. Kelly Foster (Leslie Hope, Revolution)

Kelly Foster

Image: NBC

Militia, nukes and border wars. Somehow it doesn’t seem Selina could take on one afternoon in this lady’s shoes. President Meyer refers to military weaponry as “giant dildos.”

7. Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young, Scandal)

Mellie Grant

Image: ABC

Mellie is the first lady at the moment, but that feels pretty much like a technicality. When she’s president, you can be sure she won’t chuckle her way through her missteps. She’s all business.

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