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Chrissy Teigen gets real about her stretch marks, and it’s so refreshing (PHOTO)

She’s a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

She’s beautiful beyond belief. She’s married to John Legend. And she just proved she is just like the rest of us with one amazingly down-to-earth Instagram post.

In her latest photo, she appears to be sitting on a couch, enjoying a cocktail maybe, her adorable little puppy sitting on the floor below her. She is cross-legged and showing off the bruises she earned “from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week.”

One might not give this photo another thought, move on and keep scrolling his or her Instagram feed. But it was the end of the model’s caption that makes you take a second look.

She says, “Stretchies say hi!” Then you look a bit closer, and you can see what she is talking about — the tiny, faint lines on the inside and back of her legs.

There they are in all their beautiful glory: stretch marks.

As a larger woman, and a woman who has had a baby relatively recently, I am well-acquainted with the loathsome little beasties that are stretch marks.

They make you feel self-conscious and bad about the way you look.

But with one photo, one little post, someone like a Sports Illustrated cover model brings it home and lets us know that no one’s physically perfect or looks the way magazine covers make you think you should look. Stretch marks: the great equalizer.

We all have something we might not like about our bodies — a little cellulite, a little more belly fat than you’d prefer — but seriously, would you have ever said someone like Chrissy Teigen wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous? The resounding answer is no, you wouldn’t, and she just proved she is just like you.

Which makes you drop-dead gorgeous, too, stretch marks and all.

So embrace what you consider your flaws; they make you unique. And then maybe take a note from Chrissy and just give them a little shout-out.

“Oh, hey there, scars and stretch marks. How you doin’?”

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