Charli XCX performs a super-inappropriate song on MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

We can’t be the only ones who thought this performance was really not OK!

After watching tonight’s MTV Movie Awards, we can’t help but wonder who the target demographic was. Between Amy Schumer‘s super-funny but super-raunchy hosting humor, all the nearly naked dudes and the completely outrageous Charli XCX performance of “Drop That Kitty,” we’re starting to think MTV has gotten a little too adult.

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Which isn’t to say that we don’t understand the merit in inviting a little controversy. MTV has always pushed the envelope — it’s one of the reasons teens love it. What’s more fun than watching pop-culture television your parents don’t approve of?

And Charli XCX certainly did plenty to upset parents by stroking that phallic-looking guitar while singing, “One night, and we’re gonna come and crash the party / Weren’t invited but we’re feeling so outrageous / Just like we’re famous / Got one night, and we’re gonna come and get it started / Now we’re falling down the stairs / We act so shameless / Come on let’s lose control!”

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But wow, MTV! That was nothing compared to the next part of the performance! I mean, who thought pink kittens dancing while Ty Dolla $ign — a grown-ass man — raps about their “kitties” was OK? That part of the performance went way past pushing boundaries and right into statutory territory. I mean, check out these lyrics: “Drop that kitty down low / Pop that kitty down low / Shop that like a window / I’m gonna make you explode / Drop that kitty down low / Pop that kitty down low / Take that video phone / Drop that kitty down low.”

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Which has us wondering: What kind of message does MTV want to send to young people? In today’s hypersexualized culture, it’s super-disappointing to see a network with such strong teen demographics perpetuating the myth that young women are only as valuable as their sex.


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