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MTV Movie Awards: 19 Things all adults were thinking while watching the show

Looks like it’s time to invest in Dr. Scholl’s and denture cream because this year’s MTV Movie Awards has us feeling super old!

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Were we the only ones scratching our heads and worrying about staying up past our bedtimes? Check out our reactions to this year’s MTV Movie Awards and let us know if you think we should just move into the old folks home now.

1. What is up with that set?

MTV Movie Awards

Image: Giphy

2. How many vagina jokes is Amy Schumer allowed to make in one set?

3. Is it wrong to want to do naughty things to Zac Efron?

Zac loses his shirt at MTV Movie Awards

Image: Giphy

4. Seriously, does the “V” in MTV now stand for vagina?

Amy Schumer

Image: Giphy

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5. I didn’t know Vin Diesel could sing… oh, wait.

Vin Diesel singing

Image: Giphy

6. Oh, Amy Schumer knows the pain of wearing Spanx, but did she really just say those guys made her rain in them?

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7. Jennifer Lopez. Never. Seems. To. Age.

Jennifer Lopez

Image: Giphy

8. Am I the only one cringing at the masturbating women in the theater skit? Oh, God, I am. How did I get this old already?

Masturbating Movie Theatre skit

Image: Giphy

9. Why is there poop everywhere?

Poop emoji

Image: MTV

10. Was there a “bring your own nearly naked male model” challenge this year that I didn’t hear about?

Man models

Image: Giphy

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11. What does “take it up the Gary” mean?

12. Is anyone else worried about youngsters who might be watching and absorbing Amy Schumer’s super-adult humor?

13. Robert Downey Jr. got an award — finally, someone I recognize from my youth!

Robert Downey Jr.


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14. Who are these idiots spoofing Robert De Niro and grabbing each other’s crotches? Oh, wait, it’s Zac Efron and Dave Franco? Why, Zac, why?

Zac Efron and Dave Franco MTV Movie Awards

Image: Giphy

15. Do the young people who are watching this show notice all of the blatant advertising assaulting them or do they just chalk it up to the price of watching award shows?

16. Holy pink kitties doing naughty things… I feel weird. And like I kind of want to call those pink kitties’ mamas and ask if they know where their kittens are.

Drop that Kitty Down Low on MTV Movie Awards

Image: Giphy

17. Oh, wait, it’s not over? I thought that was the finale… that wasn’t the finale?

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18. Why is Rebel Wilson dressed as an angel, and did she really just almost say “clit” instead of “clip”?

Rebel Wilson MTV Movie Awards

Image: Giphy

19. Oh, thank God, it’s over. I have to work early tomorrow….

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