Tyra Banks’ ideas about retouching photos are bad for women

Tyra Banks thinks all women should retouch their photos.

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The talk show host and former model told People that she knows most of her photos get a little professional help, but she doesn’t mind a bit — in fact, she encourages it.

Honey, I’ve got a lot of cellulite on my booty and that’s nobody’s business,” she said. “So if you see me in a swimsuit and you see the side of my butt and there’s no dimples in it, I or somebody else have retouched it all.”

Banks did say that women expecting celebrities to look perfect in photos is the result of us all being “sadly conditioned.” But she also thinks women everywhere can use the technology to empower themselves — she calls it the “democratization of retouching.”

“I love that at the touch of the button anybody could do it on their smart phone,” Banks continued. “Girls may be like, ‘I’m so insecure. Tyra’s butt looks like that.’ Well, Tyra’s butt does not look like that. And yours can look just like that. Just take a five-second tutorial online and you can do it yourself.”

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And then it gets weird, because Banks goes on to explain that she doesn’t believe in one concept of perfect beauty.

“There are so many different types of people and I think they all need to be represented,” she explained. “I don’t want different body types or heights or weights or shapes to be considered ‘special.’ I just want it to be normal, and the fact that it is starting to feel that way is so good.”

But by encouraging women to photoshop their own bodies, isn’t Banks perpetuating the idea that there’s one standard of ideal beauty by telling all women they should use technology to fit that standard? We’re getting seriously mixed messages here.

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What do you think? Do you retouch your own photos? Will you start retouching them now? Or do you think women should celebrate their bodies just as they are? Head down to the comments to share your thoughts.


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