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Key & Peele’s hilarious Game of Thrones video is one huge spoiler

Key and Peele know how to sum up a good death scene.

The two frontmen brought some serious humor to all of Game of Thrones‘ iconic scenes with their recent spoof, donning their “Liam Neesons”-loving valet characters for a dead recap throw down.

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WARNING: Do not continue reading if you aren’t caught up with Game of Thrones. We discuss some of the most spoilery and memorable moments from the show below.

Ned Stark was honored with slit and plop sound effects for his epic and unexpected beheading at the end of Season 1.

The dragons got a screech-filled impersonation after Key and Peele did a Khaleesi strut back and forth — somehow managing to not follow along the red carpet, though, if I may point that out.

Things get high-speed from there with a list of KILT characters. Rob? KILT. Rob’s wife? KILT. Rob’s mom? KILT. Wildling’s girl? KILT. The Hound? KILT. (And let me just add that Peele’s Arya impression is spot on.)

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All in all, the spoof is amazing and definitely worth the three-minute watch.

It ends with the comedians getting an epic death scene of their own. The floor opens up to reveal a moon door, and Key and Peele promptly plummet thousands of feet to, presumably, their deaths.

Of course, the funny guys did forget about one crucial moment from the show before they axed themselves: the Purple Wedding and Joffrey’s horrific demise from poisoning.

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Otherwise, Key and Peele were spot on with their jokes, referring to Tywin Lannister as “Taiwan Lannisters” and Khal Drogo as “Big Dave Navarro.”

Check out the whole hilarious scene below.

Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres Sunday on HBO.

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