Madonna awkwardly jokes about younger men during her stand-up debut (VIDEO)

Your Friday just got a whole lot better.

The Queen of Pop donned her shades and took a seat beside the Hawaiian shirt-clad Jimmy Fallon, surrounded by The Roots to jam out with classroom instruments to the singer’s hit “Holiday.”

With Madonna on cowbell and Fallon on the wood block, the singer kicked them off with a whistle blow.

After listening to Madonna, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots play one of our favorite get-off-your-booty-and-dance songs with xylophones and banana shakers, there is no way you could have a bad day! Or stop singing it!

But Madonna’s appearance on The Tonight Show didn’t quite hit all the high notes. A few fell seriously flat when Fallon tired to get the singer to fulfill her dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

Madonna get’s up and the first thing we notice is her lack of pants. Why is she not wearing any pants!? But I digress.

When she actually starts telling some of her “jokes” its just weird and slightly uncomfortable… for everyone. The strange way she just keeps talking about dating younger men… maybe I just don’t get it but I just don’t get it. You can see Fallon behind her fulfilling his role and dutifully laughing animatedly.

Did I mention how she’s not wearing any pants? The entire thing is just hard to watch.

Sorry Madonna, we’re just not feeling your stand-up.

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