3 Things Beyoncé and Jay Z revealed about their wedding on Instagram (VIDEO)

Apr 9, 2015 at 9:04 p.m. ET
Image: Andres Otero/WENN.com

Beyoncé and Jay Z have lifted the veil on their extremely private wedding ceremony — finally!

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The famous duo is celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary in Hawaii, but while they're on vacay, they left the rest of us an amazing gift to commemorate the occasion: clips of their wedding video on Instagram!

The couple's 2008 wedding was one of those super-private, secret celebrity affairs — they didn't let slip that they had tied the knot until six months later. Despite the uber-celebrity status of both involved, details about the intimate ceremony have been almost impossible to find, until now.

The clip is so short, it's almost a tease. Posted to Jay Z's Instagram account, it shows three extremely brief scenes from the ceremony. Here's all we learned:

1. Beyoncé looks amazeballs in a wedding dress (obvi)

This almost goes without saying. Queen Bey can rock a wedding gown just as hard as she rocks anything else she chooses to grace her near-perfect bod with. The strapless, princess-top, curve-hugging gown with a full, ruffled skirt is perfect for Bey, and her visibly radiant happiness is the perfect complement to the dress.

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2. The rock is as big as your head

That. Ring. Do you see the size of that thing? It's the size of a beach ball. A small child. A Chipotle burrito. OK, those might all be slightly exaggerated. But check it out. The ring is enormous.

3. Beyoncé *might* be just a touch superstitious

Remember the old wedding rhyme? Every bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? If Bey's bright blue nail polish is any indication, she might just buy into the superstition. Now, if only she'd tell us what she wore that was old, new and borrowed. We're dying to know more.

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Check out the Instagram clip of the wedding below and then head to the comments to tell us what you think. Is it as beautiful as you'd expect for a couple like Jay and Bey? We want to hear your thoughts — let us know!