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Sandra Bullock makes a terrifying call to 911 about her alleged stalker

Last June, Sandra Bullock had a nightmare experience when an intruder broke into her Bel-Air home.

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Bullock apparently heard a loud banging noise inside her mansion around 1 a.m. on June 8, 2014, and when she went to lock her bedroom door, she saw the intruder — who was later identified as Joshua James Corbett — in the hallway. The Gravity actress immediately called 911 about the intruder, and on Thursday, that phone call was played at a preliminary court hearing in Los Angeles, California.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Corbett is now facing 19 felony charges, including stalking and breaking into a residential property, and during the hearing, the courtroom discovered just how frightened Bullock had been during the home invasion.

“Someone just broke into my house,” Bullock can be heard telling the 911 operator. “I think it’s a man… I’m locked in the closet right now.”

Bullock then becomes more terrified and can be heard crying as she says, “He’s banging on the doors,” including her bedroom door. “Are they close?” she asks the operator about the police.

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According to E! News, during the phone call Bullock gives a description of the man inside her home, but she became even more panicked when she could not use her phone to open the gate for the police, fearing that Corbett may have hacked into her security system.

Now my phone is not working so maybe they know how to override my system,” Bullock told the dispatcher.

When the police found the actress she apparently thanked them in tears. And although Bullock was not hurt during the incident, the 911 audio clearly paints a terror-stricken picture.

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