Karlie Kloss’ newest project is truly inspiring for teen girls (VIDEO)

Karlie Kloss is more than a pretty face — she’s also a pretty good coder, and she wants other young women to have the chance to learn to code, too.

Kloss announced today that she is sponsoring a scholarship program for the Flatiron School’s Intro to Software Engineering coding course for 20 girls ages 13 to 18.

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Why is Kloss doing this? “Code is only going to continue to play a major role in defining our future. I think it’s crucial that young women learn to code as early as possible to ensure that we, as young women, have a voice and a stake in what the world looks like,” she says in the program’s introductory video.

According to the scholarship’s website, students will study the Ruby programming language and create an app during the two-week course. Ten of the scholarships are for the New York City location, and the other 10 are for other locations across the country. To apply, all you have to do is upload a video telling Kloss why you want to learn how to code.

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And unlike the Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good, you don’t have to be an ant to fit into the building.

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