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Anna Kendrick refused to get sexy for Pitch Perfect 2 poster (PHOTOS)

With her arms crossed and a face that means some serious singing business, Anna Kendrick is not messing around on the Pitch Perfect 2 poster.

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And, turns out, it was much to the chagrin of the people in charge of the film because, as Kendrick put it on Instagram, “They were sweating because I wouldn’t strike a sexy pose.”

But fans are more than embracing her badass look. The poster is taking over Instagram as fellow ladies stand next to the poster and strike a similar pose.

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Kendrick continues to gush about the outpouring of support she’s received, including creating a family-style collage.

And one with some serious-faced fellas.

The images were mostly accompanied with the hashtag #BossPitch and a nod to Kendrick’s character in the film #BecaEffinMitchell.

And while we’ve all had those duck-lipped selfie moments where we were feeling so good about ourselves we couldn’t help but share the luscious, pouty face (don’t even try to deny it!), Kendrick’s Instagram revolution proves that sexy comes in all different shapes, sizes and looks.

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Fans aren’t embracing stereotypes anymore. We can only take so many model-esque billboards. Plus, Pitch Perfect is all about being your fantastically quirky self in all your wacky glory. There is no place for that “sexy pose” on the poster or anywhere in the film.

Kendrick can save that one for her selfies. And you better believe she knows how to rock it when necessary.

Pitch Perfect 2 comes out in theaters on May 15.

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