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Barry Manilow’s unexpected wedding secret revealed

The world is changing for the better, people, and Barry Manilow just helped to prove it with surprising news that the singer has married his longtime manager, Garry Kief.

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Though the two have yet to confirm that they are, in fact, married, both Us Weekly and E! Online have confirmed with their sources that the news is legit.

And while Manilow may not have ever discussed his sexuality publicly, E!’s source said, “He is not in the closet in any [other] aspect of his life.”

Manilow is traditionally extremely private, so it’s no surprise he tried to keep the wedding details from the public as much as possible. He even told The Telegraph in a 2012 interview, “You can only come into my world if I invite you in. From the very beginning that was the rule. I learned how to deal with the publicity/press thing. You just say, ‘I’m not interested in talking about [that].’ Even the names of my dogs! They are my kids, my friends are my friends and my family, they are mine. That’s the only way I can survive. I have to keep that to me. I don’t want strangers knowing everything. If that happened, that would drive me crazy.”

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Manilow definitely has the right to his privacy and his secrets. But as a public figure, who rose to fame at a time when gay marriage was much less accepted, Manilow’s nuptials serve as a shining example that society’s opinions are shifting. Love is love is love.

And who Manilow loves should be something he proudly celebrates for the sake of all his fans who might be feeling like their sexuality isn’t accepted.

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Of course, just because Manilow didn’t scream about his wedding from the top of a mountain with paparazzi surrounding him, doesn’t mean he isn’t still an amazing example. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Manilow doesn’t need to be anything except who he is.

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