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Amy Schumer reveals if she’ll crack any Bruce Jenner jokes at MTV Movie Awards

If you needed one more reason to love and respect Amy Schumer, then this is it: The funny woman has revealed that she does not intend to make any jokes about Bruce Jenner at the MTV Movie Awards.

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Jenner’s transformation has been the topic of much discussion in recent months, as well as the butt of a few unnecessary and offensive jokes, à la Jamie Fox. However, when Schumer hosts the MTV Movie Awards this weekend she admits that she has no plans to roast Jenner.

I would never. I think he looks good,” the Trainwreck star told Entertainment Tonight. “We have the same hair.”

So, who does she plan to roast during the awards show? She plans to “lightly trash everyone,” but she has one particular celeb in mind.

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“Kevin Hart should be the most afraid, but I did give him a heads-up. I just thought it’d be funny to go after him super-hard,” Schumer explained, adding, “I want to see ‘Get Hart.’ A movie that teaches you how to survive seeing a Kevin Hart movie.”

The MTV Movie Awards airs on Sunday, April 12, and we can’t wait to see what jokes Schumer has up her sleeve.

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