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Arrested Development is coming back! Here’s where it left off

Everybody, rejoice! Netflix is set to gift us with 17 more episodes of Bluth goodness.

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While no official announcement has been made, we’re pretty confident it’s actually happening given Brian Grazer told Bill Simmons during a podcast yesterday that it is. “We’re going to do another 17 episodes. So, stay tuned for Arrested Development,” he said. If Brian Grazer says it’s happening, then who are we to argue?

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It’s been nearly two years since Netflix revived Arrested Development for a fourth season, so it’d be understandable if you’re struggling to remember what happened the last time we saw the Bluths. Plus, Season 4 took on a different format from previous seasons, with each episode following one character and exploring what they had been up to since the end of Season 3. So, a lot, and we mean a lot, of convoluted stuff happened, so you may want to re-watch the entire fourth season to prepare yourself for the fifth.

If, however, all you need is a recap of what happened in Season 4’s final episode to jog your memory, here’s what went down.

George-Michael leaves his dorm after butting heads with his roommate regarding the “Fakeblock” software they were working on together. He decides to buy a house in Sudden Valley in an attempt to impress his dad, but the investment scares off his girlfriend, Rebel, who also happens to be Ron Howard’s daughter and who also slept with George-Michael’s dad, Michael, earlier in the season. Swooping in during her moment of doubt, Michael ends up sleeping with Rebel again, only to find out that his son is her boyfriend, so he decides to stop pursuing her.

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George-Michael plans to reveal in a speech that “Fakeblock” is nonexistent, but he decides not to go ahead after he receives a note saying he will get “screwed” if he continues the charade. Except George-Michael assumes the note was from Rebel, and he misinterprets “screwed” to mean fun sexy time with her. So, he decides to carry on with the Fakeblock lie, finding out the next day that the note was, in fact, from Anonymous — you know, that weird hacking group responsible for the leak of all those celeb nude pics (Arrested Development was so before its time).

Meanwhile, Gob drugs Michael with pills that make him forget stuff, so he forgets he was no longer going to pursue Rebel. After making amends with Rebel and committing to her, George-Michael realizes his dad is the other man Rebel has been sleeping with. At first, he was willing to let it go, but then his fist makes contact with Michael’s face, and they stare at each other for what seems like a really long time.

Oh, and Lucille Austero disappears, so Gob ends up becoming the president of Bluth Company. Buster, meanwhile, is arrested and charged with Lucille’s murder. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer catch wind of this and decide it’d make a great movie.

Are you dizzy yet? We weren’t kidding when we said a lot happened in Season 4.

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