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Chris Soules had a motive on The Bachelor aside from love

Chris Soules may have found true love on The Bachelor, but that’s not all he thought the show was good for.

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Soules’ fianceé, Whitney Bischoff, and runner-up, Becca Tilley, are still good friends even after the show aired, Us Weekly reports, and Soules is happy about that for an unexpected reason.

I’m so glad they’re friends,” Soules said “It doesn’t surprise me because I was pretty close to some guys that were dating Andi [Dorfman] when I was on The Bachelorette. I’m just glad they were able to keep their friendship, because they’re great girls. That’s what that experience was about. Meeting some really great people and having those friendships is important.”

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It’s surprising, to say the least, to hear Soules say the experience is about friendships, not love. But it’s sweet to see him so supportive of Whitney and Becca’s continued friendship, even though he admits he isn’t close to Becca himself.

“I mean, it’s not like we talk or communicate on a regular basis,” he explained. “The first time we actually got to talk was at The Final Rose. She’s a great person. Comes from a great foundation, a great family, and is happy, I’m sure, for Whitney and I. That’s why they’re able to have that friendship.”

Soules also said Whitney refused to watch the season when it was on, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to all the drama — she still “knows enough,” he said.

“She doesn’t live in a bubble. She hears, you know?” he added. “I think you go through that, you have to be able to mentally… know that I’m going through those relationships differently. I’m not putting it in the English language very well. She’s very smart. They all get it and can look past.”

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Whitney and Becca aren’t the first set of Bachelor contestants to become close. Juan Pablo’s season sparked a number of adorable friendships, especially between Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell and Kelly Travis.

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