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The O.C.‘s Mischa Barton sues her mom for stealing from her

Mischa Barton wants her parents to move out and get a real job.

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The former star of the WB teen drama, The O.C., has sued her mom — who is also her manager — alleging that her parents have been stealing her money and living off her success.

TMZ reports that Mischa filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles, saying her mom is a “greedy stage mother posing as a talent manager.” The report also says Mischa’s mom lied to her about her income and kicked her out of a house she paid for.

In the lawsuit, according to TMZ, Mischa says she found out after a private conversation with the production company of her 2013 film, The Hoarder, that she was being paid more than her momager, Nuala Barton, had said she was. Mischa also said Nuala pocketed the difference — on top of the 10 percent management fee she was already taking out. No specific numbers are mentioned in the suit.

Mischa also contends that Nuala used her name to create a line of handbags and open a Mischa Barton boutique in London without ever giving Mischa a cut of the profits.

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And that’s not even all.

Mischa goes on to say her mom somehow gained co-ownership of the eight-bed, 11-bath Beverly Hills mansion Mischa reportedly paid for and then kicked Mischa out and took out loans against the property. Mischa says her parents are both living in the mansion, even though it foreclosed last year.

In the suit, which was filed only against Nuala and not Mischa’s dad, the actress says both of her parents “sit back expecting their daughter’s hard work and dedication to her craft to support their lifestyle.” She says neither of them has worked in more than 10 years, instead living off her career, which hasn’t exactly been on fire since her days on The O.C. Since leaving the show before its fourth and final season, Mischa has starred in a handful of underperforming indie films and a 2009 TV show that flopped. She had a very public breakdown that same year and was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold at a Los Angeles hospital.

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Do you think Mischa Barton is right to sue her mom? Or do you think there’s more to this story? Tell us your take down in the comments!

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