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Kate Upton never wanted anyone to see that ‘Cat Daddy’ video of her (VIDEO)

Kate Upton has come a long way since her “Cat Daddy” dancing days.

But the model says the video of her dancing, which went viral and put her name on the internet map, is actually completely horrifying to her.

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In an interview that will be released in the June issue of Vogue, Upton explains she thought the video was just some behind-the-scenes fun. “I was like, ‘That was disrespectful, you could have told me!'” Upton said on confronting notable photographer, Terry Richardson, who Upton says posted the video without her knowledge.

The footage blew up and contributed to Upton becoming a well-known name. Since it was posted in May 2012, the video has amassed nearly 22 million views.

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It shows Upton dancing in a skimpy red, sparkly bikini, breaking it down to the song. Richardson even slows down the video for a slow-motion replay.

No word on if Upton got a cut of the profits, but she said during the interview that, “Now, obviously, it’s fine.” It is, after all, credited with fast-tracking her career. But Upton doesn’t see it that way. Instead, she points to a combination of factors.

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“I think it was kind of how everything was placed at once, in a weird way,” she says of the moment she became a star. “I had Sports Illustrated and that next year I worked with Vogue and it was really just the placement of things. One year I had a lot of male followers, and the next, women followers and fans. I didn’t have any say in it — that was just how it went.”

Check out the “Cat Daddy” Kate Upton video below. (As if you could forget it.)

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